Sélite Int’l, a Spanish company, has been managing relocation and legalization services for expatriate employees since 1993.

Through our services, we are able to greatly benefit both the business and the expatriate in terms of organization and time, ensuring the total-professional and social-integration of the employee and his or her family in the shortest time possible.

We consider our flexibility to adapt to the volume of business and the variety of matters that our Clients may pose at any given time, while always guaranteeing the highest level of quality service, to be one of our company’s great assets.

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About us



Our main purpose is to facilitate all employee-transfer related arrangements as much as possible.


Simplifying an employee’s adaptation to his/her new location from the moment that the immigration filing process begins through the end of their stay.

Maintain constant contact with the company, expatriate and owner of the leased home during the whole of the expatriate’s stay in order to handle all possible problems, suggestions or questions that might arise within the scope of our expertise.

Streamline the process in order to minimize irregularities as much as possible.


The filing processing for permits, authorizations, certificates, as well as the management of VISA filings and document authentications may be replete with a variety of problems since they are sometimes complex processes involving many public institutions.

For this reason, maintaining an efficient, fluid dialogue with the public administration is essential. Sélite Int´l aims to streamline these processes to the extent possible so that hiring foreign personnel doesn’t become a drawback in the development of business projects. In this regard, the sequence of our services may be generally described in the following way:

Legal advising in advance and assistance with the preparation of the documentation required for each case. Document translation.

Personalized assistance regarding any applications or filing processes to be followed by the company from start to finish.

Personalized assistance for the employee and his/her family as of their arrival in Spain regarding all applications and filing processes of a legal or administrative nature.

Tracking and facilitation of these processes.



    Legal advising.

    Work and residence permits.

    Family residence permits.

    Residence Permit for Investors.

    Renewal of different permits.

    Permit modifications.

    Return permits.

    Student VISAs.

    Family reunification permits.

    Applications for naturalization.

    Extension of stay/VISA extension.


    Legal advising.

    Registration of EU citizens.

    Identification Cards for family members of EU citizens under the EU Community system.

    Replacement cards.

    Modification of the EU Community system to special system.

    Registration/withdrawal from Consulate register.


    Foreign visas.

    Certificate of Coverage Service (Social Security agreements).

    Work and residence permits (countries with collaboration).


    Civil registration with local authorities.

    Social Security health insurance registration.

    Health cards.

    Legalization of documents: through diplomatic channels or through the Apostille of The Hague.

    Criminal background checks.

    Birth/marriage certificates.

    Recognition of University degrees.

    Employment history reports.

    Vehicle registration and driver’s license exchange.



We offer a wide range of services related to housing, schools and schedules, in order to make moving as easy as possible for the expatriate and their family:

We offer fixed price quotes, independent of the type of housing or location desired by the employee or the number of tours required to find his/her new home.

We select homes from our own portfolio to avoid resorting to real estate agencies whenever possible and, in this way, minimize costs.

We handle the requirements related to both short-term (less than 6 months) and long-term stays.

We stay in contact with the landlord and tenants after the contract is signed to intervene in any problem which may arise related to the home.

General guidance.

Tour Madrid.

Home searching.

School searching.

Formalization of lease agreement.

Utilities connection/change (water, electricity, gas).

Connection/change of services (cable/satellite television, telephone/internet, cleaning services, etc.).

Bank accounts.

Furniture rental.

Moving assistance.

Personalized services such as private or reinforcement classes.

Driving schools.

Language courses.

End of stay services.


Metodos comunicacion

Pre-arrival activities

We contact the expatriate employee by e-mail or phone according client´s instructions.

Additionally, we deliver a questionnaire by e-mail to find out his/her preferences on the characteristics of housing, schools and schedules in order to establish a calendar which is in line with these preferences and needs. Through these activities, we are able to arrange all services that the employee will need upon their arrival in advance.

Aeropuerto Barajas

Exploration-visit services

Our services during this phase include:

Meeting the expatriate at the airport and accompanying him/her to their hotel.

Tour to orient employee with potential living areas. The Tour Madrid is a first visit to the city before the expatriate’s actual move. During the tour we take the employee on a tour to familiarize him/her with the city, paying special attention to the residential areas near schools which may be of interest to the expat and their family, or areas near the city’s downtown business district, or any other areas which are in line with the lifestyle that they want to enjoy in Spain. All of the above is, obviously, conducted within the guidelines and limits established by our client.

Sélite Int’l will provide the expat with information on basic infrastructures such as communications, shopping centers, sporting areas, hospitals, banks and, in short, all those needs which may arise in the daily life of the expatriate and their family.

Visits to potential homes and schools, if applicable.

Opening of non-resident bank accounts.


Services after the definitive arrival

In order to guarantee the greatest number of housing choices in the shortest possible time, Sélite Int’l has its own portfolio of homes and excellent contacts with the most prestigious real estate agencies in Madrid.

Our services during this phase include:

Conducting one or more tours, depending on the expatriate’s needs, until they choose a new home.

Formalization of the lease agreement including the connection or change of utilities (water, electricity, gas) and other services (cable/satellite television, telephone/internet, cleaning services, etc.).

School search: We provide information on the schools which have space available at any given time, according to the guidelines established by the parents, in preparation for registration of the children. We schedule meetings with the Academic Advisors of the preferred schools so that parents obtain information about study programs, characteristics of teaching methods, and school facilities. Once a school is chosen, we provide assistance managing those processes necessary for the child’s actual registration.

Civil registration with local authorities.

Change of bank account from non-resident to resident.


End-of-stay services

Once we are notified by the client of the date that that expatriate employee will leave their position in Spain, we immediately send a letter to the homeowner in name and on behalf of the tenant, of acknowledgement of receipt requested, signed by the personnel of Sélite Int’l in which the homeowner is notified of the termination of the lease agreement.

We make an appointment with the owner and expatriate in the home, coinciding with the return of the keys, to verify the state of the home and take utility meter readings for subsequent calculation of the amounts due for payment. Our client is informed of the amount which will, in each individual case, be deducted from the deposit, and provided with follow-up information until return of the agreed-upon deposit amount is verified.

In addition to this service, oversees the following activities during this phase:

Disconnection of utilities and cancellation of services.

Closing of bank accounts.

Withdrawal from registration in the civil registry.

When necessary, management of the required documentation for the future destination (VISAs, certifications, reports, document certification, etc.).


Total assistance

In keeping with the professional standards exercised for each and every expatriation case up until now, addresses any question or request for assistance which an expatriate may have within the scope of our work.

With respect to the state of the home, we verify the functionality of the home’s installations and measure any potential abnormalities which may arise that can’t be attributed to normal use of the home.

We also ensure compliance with the terms which may be agreed to in the contract such as installation of an air conditioning unit before an established date, etc.

We understand that the attention that we pay to the unique needs of each expatriate, from help in the hiring of service staff to information on schools near their homes and teachers of all kinds, and other services, plays a decisive role in the expatriate’s family’s integration.


Commitment to Continued Service

Sélite Int'l doesn’t believe that its relationship with the expatriated family ends when the lease agreement is signed or when the related permits are picked up. For this very reason, our lines of communication are always open during their stay in Spain for any situation which could arise.

This is our commitment and guarantee of service.



The sectors of our clients:

Tobacco industry
Professional services
Investment services
Cinematographic production companies
Menssenger service
Insurance companies
Port logistics
Computer solutions


Please don´t hesitate to contact us at:

33 Meléndez Valdés Str. Fl. 5 Left. 28015 Madrid Spain.

Phone: +34 91 549 93 21


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